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Artemis AI is an innovative project offering a suite of crypto trading tools. Named after Artemis, the goddess of hunting and tracking in ancient Greek mythology, this project symbolizes wisdom and precision. Our brand is committed to helping users navigate the complex world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency trading with clarity and accuracy.


Vision and Goals of the Artemis AI

Artemis AI aims to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency trading. Our primary goal is to provide users with a range of crypto trading tools that assist in making better trading decisions. These tools will include market analysis, risk management, and portfolio optimization, among others.

Further, we plan to develop an AI-driven bot that tracks wallets with excellent performance records and coins likely to receive significant attention, using the trading data gathered through these tools. This AI-powered bot will quickly analyze market trends and identify potential investment opportunities to offer to our users.

The ultimate goal of Artemis AI is to enhance the efficiency and transparency of trading, supporting users in making smart, informed trading decisions. We are committed to leveraging the full potential of blockchain technology to provide a safe and trustworthy trading environment for our users.

ArtemisAI Tools

algorithm overview

Artemis AI offers a variety of tools designed to enhance users' understanding of the market and to facilitate efficient trading. By collecting trading data from our users, our machine learning system analyzes this information and applies the insights to support automated tracking and trading decisions. This process is tailored to maximize trading efficiency and provide deep insights into the market. The primary goal of Artemis AI is to enable users to make clearer, more informed decisions in the complex world of crypto trading.

Provided Tools

Cross Wallet Tracker

Cross Wallet Tracker outputs wallets that bought the coin you want to track in a specific time frame in just a few seconds, as shown below.

cross wallet result 1

You can also select multiple coins to set different timeframes and quickly find cross-wallets that have purchased selected coins during those timeframes.

cross wallet result 2

For more detailed usage, see the Guides.

Advantages for Investors

1. Strategic Targeting:

By setting specific coins and timeframes, investors can strategically target wallets that have shown a pattern of successful trades. This targeted approach helps in understanding market behaviors and identifying potential investment opportunities.

2. Historical Analysis:

The tool's ability to analyze past high-performing coins and their associated wallets allows investors to gauge which strategies have been successful historically, offering insights into potential future performance.

3. Enhanced Decision-Making:

With Cross Wallet Tracker, investors are empowered with a deeper understanding of market dynamics. This tool aids in making informed decisions, backed by data and analysis, leading to potentially more successful investment outcomes.


Cross Wallet Tracker by Artemis AI is more than just a tool; it's a vital step towards the realization of our ultimate goal: Artemis Ultimate Sniper. As users collect data on wallets through Cross Wallet Tracker, they contribute to a larger pool of intelligence that feeds our machine learning algorithms. This data not only enhances the immediate trading decisions but also continuously refines the predictive capabilities of Artemis Ultimate Sniper. This synergy between immediate utility and long-term strategic learning embodies our commitment to delivering comprehensive, cutting-edge tools that empower our users. With Cross Wallet Tracker, investors are equipped not just for today's decisions but are also contributing to the smarter trading of tomorrow, ensuring they remain at the forefront of cryptocurrency trading.

Ultimate Volume Tracker

Ultimate Volume Tracker by Artemis AI represents a significant leap forward in realm of crypto trading tools. Developed with goal of transforming trading experience, this tool combines innovative technology with deep market insights to offer users a strategic advantage in navigating crypto market.

Key Features and Innovations

Beyond Basic Volume Tracking

Unlike traditional volume trackers that focus solely on identifying tokens with high purchase volumes, Ultimate Volume Tracker delves deeper. It employs a sophisticated algorithm to manage and analyze trends of filtered coins, capturing critical data for strategic investment analysis.

Identifying Optimal Entry Points

Through analyzing historical data of high-performing coins, the tool pinpoints where the optimal entry points were in relation to spikes in buying volume. This analysis aids traders in making informed decisions about when to enter the market.

Pattern Learning for Superior Returns

Ultimate Volume Tracker is designed to learn from past data, identifying purchase volume patterns that have historically led to the best returns. This machine learning approach enables the tracker to continuously improve its predictions and recommendations.

Risk Mitigation

It also identifies and filters out patterns where increased buying volume did not lead to profit, helping users to make safer investments with a higher probability of success.

Enhancing the Artemis AI Ecosystem

The insights and data generated by Ultimate Volume Tracker enrich Artemis AI ecosystem. One of key benefits is enhancement of Artemis Ultimate Sniper, which leverages data to augment its effectiveness through advanced machine learning techniques.

CA Storage Algorithm

A notable advancement in development of Ultimate Volume Tracker is introduction of CA storage algorithm. This algorithm is crucial for improving accuracy and efficiency of the tracker by:

Analyzing and Storing CA

It meticulously analyzes and stores CAs called by the tracker, forming a foundational dataset for assessing the quality of tracker’s calls.

Preventing Redundant Calls & Establishing MC Thresholds

A key function of CA storage algorithm is to establish meaningful market cap thresholds and monitor their breach, sending additional notifications to users. This prevents unnecessary duplicate calls, ensuring that only meaningful, significant calls are delivered, thereby enhancing the utility and relevance of the information provided to users.

Quality Assessment of Calls

This algorithm goes beyond merely evaluating success and failure rates of calls. It plays a crucial role in refining our filtering algorithm by assessing the ratio of successful to unsuccessful calls, ensuring the calls are increasingly accurate and reliable.

Ultimate Volume Tracker is not just a tool; it's a comprehensive solution for traders seeking to navigate the complex and fast-paced crypto market with confidence and insight. By combining advanced technology with a user-focused approach, Artemis AI is setting a new standard for crypto trading tools.

To use Ultimate Volume Tracker, Lunar Tier (holding 85k $ATAI) is required.

Advanced Volume Tracker

Advanced Volume Tracker is an innovative cryptocurrency trading analysis tool developed by Artemis AI. This tool integrates complex algorithms, real-time usage data from Cross Wallet Tracker, and exclusive Alpha Wallet Data to enhance trading decision-making process.

Functionality and Features

Sophisticated Algorithm Integration

Advanced Volume Tracker combines Ultimate Volume Tracker algorithm with insights gained from Cross Wallet Tracker and proprietary Alpha Wallet Data, aiming to offer high-quality calls with lower frequency but higher success rates.

Alpha Wallet Data Utilization

Updated daily, Alpha Wallet Data is leveraged to refine call success rates. This data comprises information from wallets known for high investment success, allowing the tracker to learn and identify patterns for optimal entry points based on volume. This approach enables the tracker to provide insights not just on individual tokens but on overarching market trends as well.

Real-Time Alpha Wallet Tracking

Recognizing the dynamic nature of low-cap hunters and insiders, Artemis AI continuously tracks alpha wallets in real-time using AI-powered algorithms to keep list of wallets updated. This innovative approach allows Artemis AI to adapt swiftly to changing trading behaviors, offering a first-mover advantage in identifying promising tokens at optimal entry points.

Enhanced CA Filtering

Incorporating CA filtering algorithm from Ultimate Volume Tracker and enriching it with alpha wallet data ensures even higher reliability. This feature allows for the discovery of potential investment opportunities that might be overlooked by volume-based analysis alone.


Designed to go beyond simple volume tracking, Advanced Volume Tracker equips traders with insights into market trends and optimal entry points. This tool enables users to make trading decisions with a higher success rate.

Artemis AI aims to support traders in navigating the competitive cryptocurrency market successfully with Advanced Volume Tracker.

To use Advanced Volume Tracker, Orion Tier (holding 300K ATAI) is required.

Community Activity Tracker

Coming Soon...

(In development + Closed beta testing)

DeFi Analysis Aggregator

Coming Soon...

(In development + Closed beta testing)

Artemis Ultimate Sniper

In development

Token Overview

Artemis AI token is a fundamental component of the Artemis AI ecosystem, designed to facilitate transactions, access to tools, and incentivize growth and sustainability within the platform. With a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, it operates on the Ethereum blockchain and is available for trading on the Uniswap V2 pool.

Trading Mechanics and Tax Structure

1. Availability and Liquidity:

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • LP: Uniswap V2

2. Transaction Tax:

5% transaction tax is applied to both purchases and sales of the Artemis AI token. This tax is allocated as follows:

  • Development and Maintenance: 2.5% is directed towards ongoing development and maintenance of the Artemis AI tools, ensuring continuous improvement and operational efficiency.
  • Marketing: 2.5% is allocated to marketing efforts, aimed at expanding the reach of Artemis AI and attracting new users to the platform.

Utility and Access

1. Tool Access:

Artemis AI token is not just a means of trade; it's also a key to accessing the various tools within the Artemis AI ecosystem. We have implemented a tier system for tool access, where holding a certain number of tokens grants the user access to different levels and functionalities of our tools. This system encourages long-term holding and active participation within the Artemis AI environment.

2. Incentivizaion:

By requiring tokens for tool access and implementing a transaction tax that supports development and marketing, Artemis AI token is central to creating a self-sustaining ecosystem. Users are incentivized to invest in the token, not just for speculative purposes, but also to utilize the full suite of Artemis AI's trading tools.

Artemis AI token is designed with the dual purpose of facilitating growth within the Artemis AI ecosystem and providing users with access to a suite of sophisticated trading tools. Its built-in transaction tax ensures continuous development and marketing, while the tiered access system incentivizes token retention and active participation. As Artemis AI continues to evolve, the token will remain a pivotal element in its journey towards creating a comprehensive, user-centric trading environment.

Token Distribution

Artemis AI token (ATAI) is integral to the functioning and governance of the Artemis AI ecosystem. A clear and strategic distribution plan has been established to ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of the platform. A total of 1,000,000,000 ATAI tokens have been minted, with a distribution strategy designed to support the project's development, marketing, liquidity provision, and early supporters.

Distribution Breakdown

1,000,000,000 ATAI tokens are allocated as follows:

Marketing: 5%

Allocated for broad-reaching marketing efforts, community engagement, and expanding the Artemis AI brand. This fund is crucial for attracting new users and maintaining the platform's visibility.

Development: 5%

Reserved for ongoing development, updates, and improvements to the Artemis AI tools and infrastructure. This ensures continuous enhancement in response to community needs and technological advancements.

Reserve: 5%

A strategic contingency fund set aside for marketing purposes. This reserve ensures that additional resources are available for unforeseen opportunities or needs that may arise, allowing for agile and responsive marketing strategies to support the continued growth and expansion of Artemis AI.

Liquidity Provision: 42.8% (locked for 1 year)

To ensure a stable and healthy market for ATAI tokens, 42.8% of the supply is dedicated to providing liquidity on Uniswap V2 pool. This allocation is critical for facilitating smooth and efficient trading activities right from the outset.

Seed Sale: 42.2%

Seed sale was conducted to raise initial funds and garner support from early backers, with a cap of 0.9% of total supply per individual. This sale was specifically targeted at individuals who could provide significant contributions and support to the project, encompassing future marketing efforts and KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) engagements post-launch.

Seed Sale Details

The seed sale for Artemis AI tokens (ATAI) was a carefully planned initiative, conducted several months before our project's official launch. This exclusive sale was reserved for a select group of individuals deeply involved in the early stages of the project—those who contributed ideas, assisted in tool testing, and were poised to support our marketing efforts after launch.

Our approach in selecting participants for the seed sale was meticulous and strategic. We focused on individuals who showed a strong alignment with the long-term vision and goals of Artemis AI. These participants are much more than just early backers; they are integral to the Artemis AI community, having demonstrated commitment and a deep understanding of the project's potential and trajectory.

By aligning our seed sale with individuals who share our long-term vision, we inherently foster a stable and sustainable growth environment for the Artemis AI ecosystem. This strategic alignment is a testament to our focus on building a robust and enduring platform, rather than on short-term market dynamics.

The token distribution strategy for Artemis AI has been carefully crafted to balance immediate operational needs with long-term sustainability. By allocating tokens for marketing and development, Artemis AI ensures ongoing growth and improvement. Simultaneously, the seed sale and liquidity provision ensure a strong start and ongoing stability in the market. This distribution framework is designed to support the Artemis AI mission of providing advanced trading tools and creating a thriving community around the Artemis AI ecosystem.

Revenue Share

Artemis AI introduces a revenue sharing system that uses an enhanced algorithm from Advanced Volume Tracker. This system trades between 7~10% of $ATAI transaction taxes, based on a refined algorithm that applies stricter filtering criteria to Alpha Wallet Data used in Advanced Volume Tracker. The profits generated from this trading are shared with our community on a weekly basis.

This revenue sharing isn't just about providing our loyal holders with a form of passive income as a reward. It's also a critical step in testing and improving the trading algorithm of our ultimate goal, "Artemis Ultimate Sniper".


  • Community Reward: We value trust and support of our community. Sharing the profits from our trading activities is our way of saying thank you to our holders for their dedication.
  • Algorithm Enhancement: The revenue sharing system is crucial for enhancing our tool in development, "Artemis Ultimate Sniper". By applying this system, we can fine-tune our strategies to better navigate complexities of crypto market.

Revenue Share Amount

The revenue to be shared each week will be sum of the week's trading profit and loss (P&L).

The revenue for sharing is kept in following wallet address:


Through this wallet, total amount to be distributed in the next revenue share can be estimated.

Reveshare Method

After months of development, we have refined the algorithm for trading and stabilized data for its application. Several weeks of testing have led us to believe that we can share stable revenue through this algorithm, thus initiating this share program.

However, one should never assume "complete" or "always" in trading. There will undoubtedly be weeks with unsatisfactory trading results, and to provide stable benefits to $ATAI holders during such weeks, we have established the following system:

  • If P&L sum is positive: The amount is determined as revenue share.

  • If P&L sum is negative: Losses are not considered, only profit. 30% of the profit is determined as revenue share.

  • The revenue share amount determined according to above two cases will be used entirely for $ATAI's buyback & burn, in accordance with the community's decision.

  • Buyback & burn will take place at any random time within 24 hours starting from 00:00 (UTC) every Tuesday. It can be conducted all at once or in several stages. Once entire revenue share amount for the week has been used up, we will announce community.

Cross Wallet Tracker

Visit to begin!

Upon clicking the link above, you'll be directed to Cross Wallet Tracker!



Additional Search


Register your account

  • To use features of Cross Wallet Tracker, you must first register your account with the /register command.

Cross Wallet register start

Input your ERC-20 wallet address

  • Input wallet address that holds Artemis AI tokens (ATAI).

Cross Wallet register input

Result and Tier

  • The amount of ATAI you have in your wallet determines the tier of your account.

Cross Wallet register result

  • Depending on your tier, your bot's usage is restricted as shown in the following table.
TierRequired ATAILimitations
1. Only one coin can be searched at a time.

2. The start time of the time frame you are searching for must be within one day of the current day.

3. The interval between the start and end time of the time frame you are searching for cannot exceed 10 seconds.

1. Three coins can be searched at a time.

2. The start time of the time frame you are searching for must be within one month of the current day.

3. The interval between the start and end time of the time frame you are searching for cannot exceed 1 hour.

No limitations

  • Once registered, you can use the bot by entering the /start command.

  • You can revoke your current registered Telegram account and wallet address by entering /unregister command (Re-registration is possible by with /register command).


Start the Bot

  • Open a chat with the bot on Telegram and send the /start command.

Cross Wallet Start

  • When you send the command, your tier according to the number of current ATAI holdings is displayed, followed by a message asking you to enter the CA of the token you want to search for.

  • You can also click CANCEL button or enter /cancel command at any time to return to the beginning (before sending the /start command).

Cross Wallet CANCLE

Enter CA and Timeframe

  • Follow messages to enter the CA of the token you're searching for, the start time and end time of the timeframe.

Cross Wallet Input

  • The time must be entered in the format YYYYMMDD hhmmss (Y=year, M=month, D=day, h=hour, m=minute, s=second).

  • You can immediately return to the previous step by clicking the BACK button.

  • If CA and timeframe of the token you're searching for are all entered correctly, you should see a message like the one below.

Cross Wallet DONE

  • Clicking the DONE button will display wallets that have purchased the token during the timeframe you set.

Cross Wallet result

Additional Search

  • After entering the CA and timeframe of the token, you can enter the CA of a second token to search for without clicking DONE button.

Cross Wallet add

  • For the second coin, similar to the first, enter the start and end time for the time frame you want to search.

Cross Wallet add time

  • Next, click the DONE button, and you'll get a list of crossed wallets that bought each coin at the first coin's timeframe and the second coin's timeframe.

Cross Wallet Cross Result

  • Tier 3 cannot add wallets and can only search for one coin at a time.

  • Tier 2 allows you to add two wallets, so you can search for up to three coins at a time.

Development Roadmap

Initial Phase

Launch and development of Artemis AI's various tools for crypto trading, starting with Cross Wallet Tracker.


  1. Finalize and Deploy Cross Wallet Tracker
  • Complete final testing and debugging.
  • Set up a user-friendly interface.
  • Launch the tool and monitor initial user feedback.
  • Implement initial user feedback for immediate improvements.
  1. Lunch Ultimate Volume Tracker
  • Finalize development and conduct thorough testing.
  • Officially launch and promote to target audiences.
  • Develop comprehensive user guides and support materials.

Intermediate Phase

Enhancement of AI-based algorithms. This phase involves collecting and analyzing trading data to continuously train the AI, identifying high-performance wallets and coins with potential.


  1. Continuous Data Collection and Analysis
  • Implement systems for ongoing data collection from launched tools.
  • Begin preliminary analysis of collected data for future improvements.
  1. Develop Advanced Ultimate Volume Tracker
  • Design and implement advanced filtering algorithms.
  • Integrate data insights from the Cross Wallet Tracker.
  1. Complete Development of Community Activity Tracker and DeFi Analysis Aggregator
  • Finalize the core development of both tools.
  • Conduct internal testing and iterate based on feedback.
  • Prepare for beta testing and public release.
  1. Data Synthesis and Analysis Improvement
  • Enhance machine learning algorithms with new data sets from all tools.
  1. User Experience Enhancement
  • Collect and analyze user feedback for UI/UX improvements.
  • Implement updates based on feedback for better user engagement.
  1. Prepare for Ultimate Sniper Development
  • Finalize the feature set and requirements for Artemis Ultimate Sniper.
  • Begin preliminary development and design work.

Final Phase

Development and deployment of an automated trading bot. This bot will execute trades based on collected data and AI analysis.


  1. Complete the Development of Artemis Ultimate Sniper
  • Integrate functionalities and data from all previous tools.
  • Focus on advanced machine learning capabilities for automated trading.
  1. Extensive Testing and Refinement
  • Conduct thorough testing for reliability and efficiency.
  • Refine based on test results and expert feedback.
  1. User Trial and Feedback Incorporation
  • Implement a beta testing phase with select user groups.
  • Collect and analyze feedback for final adjustments.
  1. Launch Preparation and Marketing
  • Plan a strategic launch for Artemis Ultimate Sniper.
  • Develop comprehensive marketing and educational materials.
  1. Post-Launch Monitoring and Improvement
  • Monitor tool performance and user feedback post-launch.
  • Plan for continuous updates and improvements based on user needs.

Marketing Roadmap

Brand Awareness

Implementing various marketing campaigns targeted at our audience, including activities on social media, partnerships, and engagement in crypto communities.


  • Establish and strategically manage social media channels.
  • Research and reach out to potential industry partners (e.g., IBM, Goolgle, Amazon, Microsoft) for collaboration.
  • Explore opportunities for collaboration with KOLs and crypto influencers.
  • Develop tools and methodologies for measuring and analyzing brand awareness.
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns based on audience analysis.

User Engagement

Engaging with crypto communities and influencers to gather input and feedback on tool development, ensuring that Artemis AI meets the real-world needs of crypto traders.


  • Organize and execute online contest to foster user engagement.
  • Conduct online surveys and interviews for product feedback collection.
  • Establish strategies for user experience improvements based on user behavior analysis.

Brand Loyalty

Regular feedback collection and updates to enhance user experience and strengthen brand loyalty.


  • Regularly conduct user satisfaction surveys and feedback collection.
  • Analyze user feedback for product improvement and set priorities.
  • Regularly review and improve user experience.
  • Identify and nurture ambassador and supporters within community.
  • Establish and manage an effective customer service and support system.

Community Management Roadmap

Community Forums and Support

Establishing online forums and support systems for continuous communication with users.


  • Develop a system for prompt handling and feedback on user opinions and inquiries.
  • Regularly update and improve a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.
  • Provide customized information and guides tailored to user needs and interests.

Regular Updates and Announcements

Keeping the community regularly informed about project progress and important updates.


  • Establish a regular schedule for updating the community on project progress and milestones.
  • Develop and distribute a newsletter to subscribers with the latest updates and insights.
  • Organize virtual events to discuss project developments and future plans.
  • Create a transparent communication channel for any changes or updates in the project.

User Feedback Collection and Implementation

Actively collecting user feedback and incorporating it into project improvements to enhance interaction with the community.


  • Develop a structured approach for collecting user feedback through surveys, interviews, and community discussions.
  • Analyze feedback data to identify common trends, suggestions, and areas for improvement.
  • Prioritize feedback based on its potential impact and feasibility for implementation.
  • Regularly update the community on how their feedback is being used and implemented.
  • Host AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions to directly engage with the community and address their concerns.