Token Overview

Artemis AI token is a fundamental component of the Artemis AI ecosystem, designed to facilitate transactions, access to tools, and incentivize growth and sustainability within the platform. With a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, it operates on the Ethereum blockchain and is available for trading on the Uniswap V2 pool.

Trading Mechanics and Tax Structure

1. Availability and Liquidity:

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • LP: Uniswap V2

2. Transaction Tax:

5% transaction tax is applied to both purchases and sales of the Artemis AI token. This tax is allocated as follows:

  • Development and Maintenance: 2.5% is directed towards ongoing development and maintenance of the Artemis AI tools, ensuring continuous improvement and operational efficiency.
  • Marketing: 2.5% is allocated to marketing efforts, aimed at expanding the reach of Artemis AI and attracting new users to the platform.

Utility and Access

1. Tool Access:

Artemis AI token is not just a means of trade; it's also a key to accessing the various tools within the Artemis AI ecosystem. We have implemented a tier system for tool access, where holding a certain number of tokens grants the user access to different levels and functionalities of our tools. This system encourages long-term holding and active participation within the Artemis AI environment.

2. Incentivizaion:

By requiring tokens for tool access and implementing a transaction tax that supports development and marketing, Artemis AI token is central to creating a self-sustaining ecosystem. Users are incentivized to invest in the token, not just for speculative purposes, but also to utilize the full suite of Artemis AI's trading tools.

Artemis AI token is designed with the dual purpose of facilitating growth within the Artemis AI ecosystem and providing users with access to a suite of sophisticated trading tools. Its built-in transaction tax ensures continuous development and marketing, while the tiered access system incentivizes token retention and active participation. As Artemis AI continues to evolve, the token will remain a pivotal element in its journey towards creating a comprehensive, user-centric trading environment.