Token Distribution

Artemis AI token (ATAI) is integral to the functioning and governance of the Artemis AI ecosystem. A clear and strategic distribution plan has been established to ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of the platform. A total of 1,000,000,000 ATAI tokens have been minted, with a distribution strategy designed to support the project's development, marketing, liquidity provision, and early supporters.

Distribution Breakdown

1,000,000,000 ATAI tokens are allocated as follows:

Marketing: 5%

Allocated for broad-reaching marketing efforts, community engagement, and expanding the Artemis AI brand. This fund is crucial for attracting new users and maintaining the platform's visibility.

Development: 5%

Reserved for ongoing development, updates, and improvements to the Artemis AI tools and infrastructure. This ensures continuous enhancement in response to community needs and technological advancements.

Reserve: 5%

A strategic contingency fund set aside for marketing purposes. This reserve ensures that additional resources are available for unforeseen opportunities or needs that may arise, allowing for agile and responsive marketing strategies to support the continued growth and expansion of Artemis AI.

Liquidity Provision: 42.8% (locked for 1 year)

To ensure a stable and healthy market for ATAI tokens, 42.8% of the supply is dedicated to providing liquidity on Uniswap V2 pool. This allocation is critical for facilitating smooth and efficient trading activities right from the outset.

Seed Sale: 42.2%

Seed sale was conducted to raise initial funds and garner support from early backers, with a cap of 0.9% of total supply per individual. This sale was specifically targeted at individuals who could provide significant contributions and support to the project, encompassing future marketing efforts and KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) engagements post-launch.

Seed Sale Details

The seed sale for Artemis AI tokens (ATAI) was a carefully planned initiative, conducted several months before our project's official launch. This exclusive sale was reserved for a select group of individuals deeply involved in the early stages of the project—those who contributed ideas, assisted in tool testing, and were poised to support our marketing efforts after launch.

Our approach in selecting participants for the seed sale was meticulous and strategic. We focused on individuals who showed a strong alignment with the long-term vision and goals of Artemis AI. These participants are much more than just early backers; they are integral to the Artemis AI community, having demonstrated commitment and a deep understanding of the project's potential and trajectory.

By aligning our seed sale with individuals who share our long-term vision, we inherently foster a stable and sustainable growth environment for the Artemis AI ecosystem. This strategic alignment is a testament to our focus on building a robust and enduring platform, rather than on short-term market dynamics.

The token distribution strategy for Artemis AI has been carefully crafted to balance immediate operational needs with long-term sustainability. By allocating tokens for marketing and development, Artemis AI ensures ongoing growth and improvement. Simultaneously, the seed sale and liquidity provision ensure a strong start and ongoing stability in the market. This distribution framework is designed to support the Artemis AI mission of providing advanced trading tools and creating a thriving community around the Artemis AI ecosystem.