Cross Wallet Tracker

Cross Wallet Tracker outputs wallets that bought the coin you want to track in a specific time frame in just a few seconds, as shown below.

cross wallet result 1

You can also select multiple coins to set different timeframes and quickly find cross-wallets that have purchased selected coins during those timeframes.

cross wallet result 2

For more detailed usage, see the Guides.

Advantages for Investors

1. Strategic Targeting:

By setting specific coins and timeframes, investors can strategically target wallets that have shown a pattern of successful trades. This targeted approach helps in understanding market behaviors and identifying potential investment opportunities.

2. Historical Analysis:

The tool's ability to analyze past high-performing coins and their associated wallets allows investors to gauge which strategies have been successful historically, offering insights into potential future performance.

3. Enhanced Decision-Making:

With Cross Wallet Tracker, investors are empowered with a deeper understanding of market dynamics. This tool aids in making informed decisions, backed by data and analysis, leading to potentially more successful investment outcomes.


Cross Wallet Tracker by Artemis AI is more than just a tool; it's a vital step towards the realization of our ultimate goal: Artemis Ultimate Sniper. As users collect data on wallets through Cross Wallet Tracker, they contribute to a larger pool of intelligence that feeds our machine learning algorithms. This data not only enhances the immediate trading decisions but also continuously refines the predictive capabilities of Artemis Ultimate Sniper. This synergy between immediate utility and long-term strategic learning embodies our commitment to delivering comprehensive, cutting-edge tools that empower our users. With Cross Wallet Tracker, investors are equipped not just for today's decisions but are also contributing to the smarter trading of tomorrow, ensuring they remain at the forefront of cryptocurrency trading.