Advanced Volume Tracker

Advanced Volume Tracker is an innovative cryptocurrency trading analysis tool developed by Artemis AI. This tool integrates complex algorithms, real-time usage data from Cross Wallet Tracker, and exclusive Alpha Wallet Data to enhance trading decision-making process.

Functionality and Features

Sophisticated Algorithm Integration

Advanced Volume Tracker combines Ultimate Volume Tracker algorithm with insights gained from Cross Wallet Tracker and proprietary Alpha Wallet Data, aiming to offer high-quality calls with lower frequency but higher success rates.

Alpha Wallet Data Utilization

Updated daily, Alpha Wallet Data is leveraged to refine call success rates. This data comprises information from wallets known for high investment success, allowing the tracker to learn and identify patterns for optimal entry points based on volume. This approach enables the tracker to provide insights not just on individual tokens but on overarching market trends as well.

Real-Time Alpha Wallet Tracking

Recognizing the dynamic nature of low-cap hunters and insiders, Artemis AI continuously tracks alpha wallets in real-time using AI-powered algorithms to keep list of wallets updated. This innovative approach allows Artemis AI to adapt swiftly to changing trading behaviors, offering a first-mover advantage in identifying promising tokens at optimal entry points.

Enhanced CA Filtering

Incorporating CA filtering algorithm from Ultimate Volume Tracker and enriching it with alpha wallet data ensures even higher reliability. This feature allows for the discovery of potential investment opportunities that might be overlooked by volume-based analysis alone.


Designed to go beyond simple volume tracking, Advanced Volume Tracker equips traders with insights into market trends and optimal entry points. This tool enables users to make trading decisions with a higher success rate.

Artemis AI aims to support traders in navigating the competitive cryptocurrency market successfully with Advanced Volume Tracker.

To use Advanced Volume Tracker, Orion Tier (holding 300K ATAI) is required.