Ultimate Volume Tracker

Ultimate Volume Tracker by Artemis AI represents a significant leap forward in realm of crypto trading tools. Developed with goal of transforming trading experience, this tool combines innovative technology with deep market insights to offer users a strategic advantage in navigating crypto market.

Key Features and Innovations

Beyond Basic Volume Tracking

Unlike traditional volume trackers that focus solely on identifying tokens with high purchase volumes, Ultimate Volume Tracker delves deeper. It employs a sophisticated algorithm to manage and analyze trends of filtered coins, capturing critical data for strategic investment analysis.

Identifying Optimal Entry Points

Through analyzing historical data of high-performing coins, the tool pinpoints where the optimal entry points were in relation to spikes in buying volume. This analysis aids traders in making informed decisions about when to enter the market.

Pattern Learning for Superior Returns

Ultimate Volume Tracker is designed to learn from past data, identifying purchase volume patterns that have historically led to the best returns. This machine learning approach enables the tracker to continuously improve its predictions and recommendations.

Risk Mitigation

It also identifies and filters out patterns where increased buying volume did not lead to profit, helping users to make safer investments with a higher probability of success.

Enhancing the Artemis AI Ecosystem

The insights and data generated by Ultimate Volume Tracker enrich Artemis AI ecosystem. One of key benefits is enhancement of Artemis Ultimate Sniper, which leverages data to augment its effectiveness through advanced machine learning techniques.

CA Storage Algorithm

A notable advancement in development of Ultimate Volume Tracker is introduction of CA storage algorithm. This algorithm is crucial for improving accuracy and efficiency of the tracker by:

Analyzing and Storing CA

It meticulously analyzes and stores CAs called by the tracker, forming a foundational dataset for assessing the quality of tracker’s calls.

Preventing Redundant Calls & Establishing MC Thresholds

A key function of CA storage algorithm is to establish meaningful market cap thresholds and monitor their breach, sending additional notifications to users. This prevents unnecessary duplicate calls, ensuring that only meaningful, significant calls are delivered, thereby enhancing the utility and relevance of the information provided to users.

Quality Assessment of Calls

This algorithm goes beyond merely evaluating success and failure rates of calls. It plays a crucial role in refining our filtering algorithm by assessing the ratio of successful to unsuccessful calls, ensuring the calls are increasingly accurate and reliable.

Ultimate Volume Tracker is not just a tool; it's a comprehensive solution for traders seeking to navigate the complex and fast-paced crypto market with confidence and insight. By combining advanced technology with a user-focused approach, Artemis AI is setting a new standard for crypto trading tools.

To use Ultimate Volume Tracker, Lunar Tier (holding 85k $ATAI) is required.