Revenue Share

Artemis AI introduces a revenue sharing system that uses an enhanced algorithm from Advanced Volume Tracker. This system trades between 7~10% of $ATAI transaction taxes, based on a refined algorithm that applies stricter filtering criteria to Alpha Wallet Data used in Advanced Volume Tracker. The profits generated from this trading are shared with our community on a weekly basis.

This revenue sharing isn't just about providing our loyal holders with a form of passive income as a reward. It's also a critical step in testing and improving the trading algorithm of our ultimate goal, "Artemis Ultimate Sniper".


  • Community Reward: We value trust and support of our community. Sharing the profits from our trading activities is our way of saying thank you to our holders for their dedication.
  • Algorithm Enhancement: The revenue sharing system is crucial for enhancing our tool in development, "Artemis Ultimate Sniper". By applying this system, we can fine-tune our strategies to better navigate complexities of crypto market.

Revenue Share Amount

The revenue to be shared each week will be sum of the week's trading profit and loss (P&L).

The revenue for sharing is kept in following wallet address:


Through this wallet, total amount to be distributed in the next revenue share can be estimated.

Reveshare Method

After months of development, we have refined the algorithm for trading and stabilized data for its application. Several weeks of testing have led us to believe that we can share stable revenue through this algorithm, thus initiating this share program.

However, one should never assume "complete" or "always" in trading. There will undoubtedly be weeks with unsatisfactory trading results, and to provide stable benefits to $ATAI holders during such weeks, we have established the following system:

  • If P&L sum is positive: The amount is determined as revenue share.

  • If P&L sum is negative: Losses are not considered, only profit. 30% of the profit is determined as revenue share.

  • The revenue share amount determined according to above two cases will be used entirely for $ATAI's buyback & burn, in accordance with the community's decision.

  • Buyback & burn will take place at any random time within 24 hours starting from 00:00 (UTC) every Tuesday. It can be conducted all at once or in several stages. Once entire revenue share amount for the week has been used up, we will announce community.